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IDRC-Meeting in Tokio

Yesterday, Tuesday July 20th, we, chairwoman Isabell Werth an the board, arranged a spontaneous IDRC-meeting at the Olympic venue in Tokio. The interest was very high, many riders attended the meeting.We discussed some organizational...

Modification to the Degree of Difficulty for Freestyles

The FEI Dressage Committee has approved a modification to the Degree of Difficulty for Freestyles. The modifiers for the DoD will be adjusted so that a combination needs to obtain at least 8.5 (instead...


Registration for the FEI Online Sports Forum 2021 opens today! You can now register for the FEI Online Sports Forum, which will take place on 1 and 2 June and is open to all members...

Special EHV-1 Edition

  Table of Contents• EHV Relief Fund• Return to Competition Factsheet for Athletes & Grooms• Return to Competition - New FEI HorseApp Modules & Guidelines for Stakeholders• Return to Competition Stakeholder Consultation• Return to Competition...

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Guidelines PCR results

Information from the FEI Veterinary Department Further to the EHV-1 outbreak, a large number of horses have undergone isolation and testing for EHV-1. As a consequence, the FEI Veterinary Department is receiving high numbers of...

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