International Dressage Riders Club

The IDRC was founded in 1986 with a mission to:

serve the prestige of dressage riders
assist the governing bodies and the international organisers of dressage events in improving the image of the equestrian sport
benefit equestrian sport
uphold the spirit of good sportsmanship


represent the interests of active international dressage riders
promote the interest and image of the sport of dressage with respect to National Federations and Organising Committees
to promote the sport of dressage in a more general way
to ensure that FEI Rules are respected
above all, respect the welfare of the horse

Policy Areas

This mission has developed into four main policy areas:

Opinion leader
– to form and clearly present publicly the opinions of riders.

System of judging
– to work with the FEI, the International Dressage Officials Club and other stakeholders to set judging standards, improve judging accuracy and to promote transparency and accountability.

Development of dressage – to support the development of dressage, increase its professionalism and facilitate the level of funding within the sport.

Welfare of the horse – to ensure the welfare of the horse in dressage.

Committee Representation

The IDRC has Board representation on the Dressage Committee, the Athletes Committee and is an Associate Member of the FEI and the European Equine Federation (EEF). The IDRC is your voice and you set our opinions!