There are 24 positions open to candidacies including FEI President, Athlete Representatives in all the disciplines, Chairpersons for Group VI, the Veterinary Committee and the European Equestrian Federation*,  as well as open positions for members of the following committees: Audit & Compliance, FEI Tribunal, Veterinary, Medical, Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Vaulting and Para-Equestrian.  

The complete list of positions including details on job specifications and the relevant procedures in terms of deadlines, timelines and candidate requirements are now available here.

The deadline to receive applications for all open positions is 1 May 2022 23:59 CEST.

Candidates for the position of FEI President and FEI Athlete Representatives across all the disciplines will be announced on 9 May 2022 whereas the candidates for the remaining open positions will be announced in June. The candidacies for the Athletes’ representatives will be reviewed by the FEI HQ to ensure they are in line with the objectives defined in the FEI Internal Regulations. All the other candidacies will be approved/vetted by the Nominations Committee.  
We recommend all National Federations and MOU signatories to promote the FEI Elections and Appointments 2022 with their members and to encourage diversity and participation in the candidatures for the open positions.  

1 FEBRUARY: Publication of open positions (as well as Rules of Conduct, Job Specifications and other working documents). –      
1 MAY: Deadline for all applications to be submitted to the FEI. –      
9 MAY: FEI to announce candidates for the position of FEI President and FEI Athlete Representatives across all the disciplines. –      
JUNE (exact date TBC): FEI to announce candidates for the remaining open positions. –      
1 JULY – 31 OCTOBER: Elections for FEI Athlete Representatives via an online vote by their peers – the eligibility criteria is available here. –      
SEPTEMBER (exact date TBC): Online elections for Group VI Chair position if contested.                                                                      –      
NOVEMBER (exact date TBC): Appointments by Board and elections by General Assembly.Kind regards,
FEI Communications Department