NFs, intending toenter Dressage Athletes for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, arerequired to provide the details of all music to be used in the FEIGrand Prix Freestyle test at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and toensure that the music is correctly licensed for use.

To facilitate this,the platform ClicknClear has been made available specifically forthis purpose. All information on completing the process via theClicknClear’s system is available here on the FEI Paris 2024 hub.

As this processcould take some time, we encourage all NFs to directly inform theirDressage Athletes about this requirement, so that they keep this inmind when preparing their Olympic Dressage routines.

All officiallicensing for music must be fully completed via ClicknClear by 8 July2024 at 23:59 local Paris time.