Information from the FEI Veterinary Department

Further to the EHV-1 outbreak, a large number of horses have undergone isolation and testing for EHV-1. As a consequence, the FEI Veterinary Department is receiving high numbers of PCR results to process from a number of different events. We fully appreciate that Athletes and Owners want to enter their horse(s) into events in time for the resumption of competition, and in order to make this as efficient as possible, we have prepared a set of guidelines below so that we can process the influx of PCR results as quickly as possible.
Guidelines for submission of PCR results:
When sending results, please include the following information in the cover email:
–      Event in which the horse(s) participated
–      Full horse name and FEI ID for each result submitted
–      Date on which the horse(s) left the event
–      Health certificate for horse(s) that left Vejer de la Frontera after 5 March 2021
Please refrain from:
–      Sending PCR results from horses that are not registered with the FEI or did not compete in the affected events
–      Re-sending results
This email is being sent to all European National Federations, FEI Athlete Representatives and Representative Member Bodies, as well as the International Jumping Owners Club. In order to make sure we can reach all concerned Athletes and Owners, we would be grateful if you could share these guidelines with your respective members.
For all matters concerning the current outbreak, we continue to update our dedicated EHV-1 hub with all the latest information, including two new sections with regards to biosecurity protocols and best practices, and the FEI Veterinary Epidemiological Working Group weekly reports.