The blatant violation of international law and the Ukrainian people's right to self-determination is to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

All members of the Executive Committee of the IDRC therefore urge all dressage riders not to take part in competitions in Russia and Belarus any more and advocate that the Russian or Belarusian flag is no longer displayed at any sporting event and that their national anthems are not played either.

Furthermore, the IDRC strongly supports the IOC's statement to cancel all international sporting events in the two countries or to relocate them to other countries.

This is the least sign of solidarity we can give to the Ukrainian people.

Isabell Werth, Kyra Kyrklund, Beatriz Ferrer Salat, Catherine Haddad, Victoria Max-Theurer, Yvonne Losos, Carl Hester, Hans Peter Minderhout, Michael Klimke, Klaus Roeser