2023 Stakeholder Meeting
AZELHOF Lier Belgium- October 2 & 3


Monday October 2

1200-   Lunch

1300-1315  Welcome-- Club Presidents

1315-1330  Introduction of Ronan Murphy FEI Director of Dressage
1330-1345  Paris 2024 Update- Ronan Murphy
1345-1445 Sleip Gait Analysis- Seeking better understanding of individual’s gait. Early detection of changes, improved monitoring of progress, definition and clarity of ‘fitness to compete’ Elin Herlund DVM PhD

1445-1500 FEI Education Department- Frank Spadinger

1500-1600 Stepping Outside the Box. What can we learn from Reining? Focus: elevation of shoulders, straightness, evenness of contact, minimization of aids Rieky Young

1600-1700 Bridle Research- Fact vs. Fiction What do we know about how bridles interact with horses?
                 Dr. Russell Guire

1700-1715- Bit Research- Dr. Marc Koen DVM

1715-1800  European Championships- Ulrike Nivelle FEI 5* Judge

1900 Dinner AZELHOF

Tuesday October 3

0930-1015- Middle Tour What is the Objective, examination of tests A&B, live demonstration of alternatives
                  Catherine Haddad IDRC Board Member
1015-1100-   EVA What can AI offer dressage judging- David Stickland

1100-1115  Gut Biome- new understanding of dietary requirements and impact on temperament and behaviour
                    Caroline Loos PhD

1115-1200  Walkbeat - understanding of biodynamics of dressage movements- Siddhartha Khandelwai

1200-1230  HoofMapp – Documentation of shoeing to improve understanding and maintain constancy. Mustad Rep

1230-1315  Financial Realities of Competitions- Thomas Eyckmans

1315-1330  Transparency Register  Klaus Roeser Secretary General IDRC

1330-1345  Welfare Statement

1345         Lunch

Costs:                       The meeting costs are 135,-€ for both days

Registration & Payment:

The registration can be done by email to

The payment can be done by bank transfer to the account of the IDRC at the Commerzbank Münster, DE20 400400280361551502, COBADEFFXXX or by PayPal via the email    

The following hotels are still available:

• Aldhem Hotel

Jagersdreef 1

2280 Grobbendonk

Tel. :  +32 14 50 10 01

This one is about a 30 minute drive to the meeting.

• Hof van Aragon

Mosdijk 2-6 / Aragonstraat 2-6

2500 Lier

Tel: 03 491 08 00

We look forward to your registrations and active support and cooperation in the IDRC.