Yesterday, Tuesday July 20th, we, chairwoman Isabell Werth an the board, arranged a spontaneous IDRC-meeting at the Olympic venue in Tokio. The interest was very high, many riders attended the meeting.
We discussed some organizational points that should be discussed here in Tokio, but one of the main points was the starting list for the Grand Prix. As we all know this year the olympic system is a new one. In the Grand Prix it will be started in six different groups and the starting order will be based on the world ranking list. Additionally: It is not allowed that two riders of the same nation will be in the same group. So we understand it is not easy to get a starting list before the Vet-Check. On the other side: Riders would like to know wether they will have their first olympic start on Saturday, day one of the Grand Prix, or on Sunday. The Vet-Check will only be one day before the Grand Prix, this is very late and riders will not be able to structure their training exactly for their first start.
Directly after our meeting I got the chance to talk to Sabrina Ibáñez, the FEI Secretary General. She was very kind and assured me that she will take care about our problem. Of course we do know that the starting list, drawn up before the Vet-Check, might change again, but at least riders would get an idea wether they will be a Saturday- or a Sunday-Grand Prix-Starter.

We will keep you updated,

Klaus Roeser
(IDRC Secretary General)