The General Assembly of the IDRC was held online via Zoom on 13.12.2021 between 5.00 pm 7.20 pm.

  1. The president welcomed the present members and opend the General Assembly, to which the members were invited with the agenda dated 22.11.2021.
  2. The Minutes for the General Assembly of 07.12.2020 were approved.
  3. The President’s yearly report consists of the following items:
  • The homepage was completely revised and redesigned
  • 5 Board Meetings very active Board
  • Main topics: MoU FEI Athletes representative to nominated by the IDRC, Rule Changes, Short GP, Top head, CoP, 4 riders in one Team/Olympic format, Participation at the 5* Judges Seminar, Succession of Frank Kempermann, Stewarding
  • Intensive exchange and discussions with the FEI
  • In cooperation with the Secretary General of the IJRC, the topic of the MoU was agreed that the representatives in the respective committee should be delegated by the stakeholders, Corresponding proposals for amendments were sent to the FEI. Unfortunately, despite several requests, the FEI did not comment on this until a meeting in Antwerp. In the course of this conversation we were informed that it is a requirement of the IOC that the representative must be elected in an open election.
  • Other topics that were discussed in direct dialogue were CoP, Top head, Communication with the Dressage Committee, the introduction of the Short GP, Clear regulations for the music in the GPS, Representation of an IDRC Member in the various working groups.
  • Intensive dialogue with the IJRC
  • 2 meetings on the occasion of shows with all interested riders
  • Successful campaign at EU level against the antibiotics ban bill
  • Improving communication with the media
  • Personal participation at the FEI GA in Antwerp
  • What has been successfully achieved:
  • The position of the IDRC within the FEI could be strengthened significantly.
  • Communication with the dressage department as well as with the EEF and other stakeholders has been significantly intensified.
  • The IDRC is perceived and respected as a critical but objective and active partner
  • No rushed introduction of the CoP.
  • Successful campaign at EU level against the antibiotics ban bill.
  • Clear regulation for the music in the GPS
  • Participation in the 5* Judge Seminar
  • What could not be achieved:
  • Freedom of choice for the top hat, Teams of 4, adjustment of the MoU
  1. Report of the treasurer
  • The treasurer first of all wanted to thank Mia Patterson and Wayne Channon for their help and support and explained the following balance sheet:
  1. Discharge of the executive Board
    The present members vote unanimously to discharge the Executive Board, the treasurer´s report and approved the annual accounts.
  2. Work focus for the year 2022
    After discussion the members voted to remove the Short GP and knowing it will be
    difficult to achieve but support a team of 4 riders at the Olympic Games.
    Furthermore the members voted for clear rules for stewarding and a strap not considered as a gadget.
    Finally the work focus for 2022 lies on implementation of the second collective mark, freedom of choice for the top hat, participation in the development of the video handbook.
    Maintaining the current format for continental championships and WEG, clear definition of who is considered an amateur.
    Revision of the Olympic format:
  • One day between the Vet Check and the start of the competition
  • GPS no break between the 3 groups
  • GPS no new starting order for the last group
  • Allow more teams to GPS
    Election of the representative in the DC, Here everyone is asked for suggestions
    Election of athlete representativeto the FEI Board:
  • According to the applicable rules, the athletes’ representative to the Board is selected and appointed by the Board itself.
  • This procedure does not meet with the approval of the IDRC and must be changed as a matter of urgency.
    One country one vote:
  • There is unanimous agreement that this system is not helpful for our sport
  • Rather, the system would have to be revised in such a way that votes are weighted
    Increased direct communication with the FN
    Recruitment of new members
    Talk with the FEI to the effect that when dressage riders or dressage horses are registered with the FEI, a reference to the IDRC is made.
  1. Membership fees
    The members voted for new membership fees as follows:

- Young/Junior/Pony 39,50 €

- Full Member 80,00 €

- Associate Member 39,50 €

The president closed the General Assembly 2021 with best wishes to all members,
families and friends for the Year 2022.

2. AOB