We are very happy that the cooperation of the new IDRC Board and the FEI starts in a very successful and cooperative way.
As it was widely discussed in all medias the FEI Board had decided, following recommendations of the Dressage Committee, to give three additional starting places to riders of the West-European League at the FEI World Cup Final in Gothenburg 2021. These three places used to be
• one for a non-league rider
• one for a rider of the home nation hosting the final
• one extra starting place
The motive for this decision was to ensure a top quality starting field at the Finals in Gothenburg in the situation of Covid 19. But: The IDRC Board as well as many members of the IDRC felt that this decision was not fair and very unfortunate, both from a sporting and a sporting policy point of view. That is why we, the IDRC, asked the FEI Dressage Committee to reconsider this decision.
A very constructive exchange of arguments between the IDRC and the FEI has taken place. Additionally there is the fact that now two West-European legs were held, Aarhus and Salzburg, and a third is hopefully coming up, `s-Hertogenbosch. In December the apprehension was, that only one West-European leg will be able to take place.
Weighing up all arguments and considering the current situation the FEI Board decided yesterday to reverse their recently put up participation rules for the FEI World Cup Final 2021 and will stick to the ‚old‘ and proven rules. We fully agree with this decision.